Because of the huge emphasis that the world puts on good looks, weight loss products are one of the top consumer products being snapped up by young and old, male and female. Meal replacement shakes are the equivalent of one meal and many of them offer nutrients in a convenient form, being a compact form of energy and nutrients.

There are many fake products on the market which promise miracle overnight weight loss, but people are looking for a supplement that works naturally and which is able to unlock the body’s natural fat burning potential.




My Review will reveal a product known as RealDose and are discovering a product which acts on the hormones which are often the guilty culprit in weight gain. They are losing weight quickly, safely and naturally. This product has been designed by Dr Steven Sisskind, a leading proponent of integrative, natural weight loss methods and a graduate of a leading United States medical school, the Bayer College of Medicine.arrow_curved13

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Complementing Your Dietary Regimen

There are some shakes where companies talk about the research of a particular ingredient and then go on to use an inferior version which can result in toxicity. These kind of shakes can’t be used as a basis of any diet because you are forgoing essential nutrients which you would be getting from eating a mixed balanced diet made up of whole-grain products, dairy and protein and fresh fruit and vegetables.

When looking for Meal Replacement Shake Reviews you will need to find a shake which provides nutrients in sufficient quantities to meet the nutritional demands in order to optimise performance and health.

At RealDose only the ingredients used in the original research of scientist are used and there is always scientific data supporting the efficacy of products used.Meeting Your Dietary Requirements Meal replacement shakes like Realdose match the dietary needs of the people using them and contain nutrients in amounts very similar to those found in food and which meet the Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA)

RDA is important because it is the daily dietary intake that is sufficient to meet the nutrient requirements of everyone, regardless of their age, their gender and the general health. Not only that, unlike other supplements where research and results are based on tests from an animal study, RealDose only uses ingredients based on results from human studies.

This is of enormous importance, because any reputable scientist will tell you that what works on a rat or a pig is not ever going to work in the same way with humans.

Why do People take Meal Replacement Shakes?

Meal Replacement Shake Reviews are offered by people who take them for many reasons. These may be necessary when a person’s diet doesn’t supply the recommended nutrients for optimal health because of an inadequate dietary intake or due to increased needs. Check out our delicious and healthy recipes here

Multi Tasking

Supplements of this nature are warranted with people with a reduced or a loss of appetite, vegetarians, those who suffer with gastro-intestinal complaints, people who are exposed to excessive quantities of pollutants or radiation, athletes who are unable to match their energy intake with the excessive energy demand of their sport, those who are smokers and also those who have time restraints and who travel frequently.

Optimizing Weight Loss with Good Nutrition

With so many meal replacement shake reviews on the internet, you want the best in order for the shake to fulfill its purpose, and above all, you want to know that what you are drinking is safe. RealDose’s meal replacement supplement is known as RealMeal GF which stands for Grass Fed.

This amazing nutrient-dense meal has  140 calories and is made up of whey protein from grass-fed cows as well as fiber and other nutrients. The shake is delicious, takes just one minute to whip up, and controls hunger while also lowering glucose absorption into the blood stream. 

The shake has other health benefits in that it helps with liver detoxification. Because it is all natural, it contains no gluten, pesticides, gluten or growth hormones.  A deficiency in folate is associated with depression, Alzheimers and diabetes, and RealDose has also carefully included NatureFolate and proper amounts of the B-vitamins .arrow_curved14


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Jillian Michaels Ultimate Shake vs Realmeal

Compared To Others, RealDose Comes Up Tops You want to know your meal replacement shake is supported by scientific studies. There are heaps of products available which claim results to sell their products but are not validated by reputable scientific studies. S

ome meal replacements shakes will provide concentrated amounts of one type of nutrients, and then lack other nutrients. Take Jillian Michaels Ultimate Shake for instance. As a fitness trainer she has added a meal replacement shake to her diet supplement range.

The shake has 180 calories as apposed to RealMeal GF’s 140 and is available in French vanilla and Dutch chocolate. The shakes are high in protein with whey protein powder, so in effect you are adding  protein to your daily nutrition diet with the Jillian Michaels shake while not getting enough of the other nutrients.

Idealshape Vs Realmeal

The Ideal Shape program has also been designed to help people lose weight effectively and has been developed by doctors and dietitians, but with this meal replacement shake you won’t see particularly quick results. Many people give up on this program because they want a diet which is healthy, safe and fast and RealDose offers all of this and more.

Idealshape has a good taste and looks healthy as well. But the all natural ingredients of Realmeal and it’s great taste makes it my favorite shake.

A Nutritious Meal Prepared in a Jiffy

There is no doubt that proper diet and exercise are always going to be an integral part of our lifestyle in order to supply the body with the energy, essential nutrients and the fluids it requires. Sometimes the lives we lead; time constraints and travel commitments for instance, make it impossible to prepare a nutritious meal and we resort to quick and easy junk foods; the quickest way to weight gain and ill health.

When it comes to eating healthier on the wing, having  meal supplement shakes which can be prepared in a jiffy, is a lifeline; a great way to ensure you are getting the nutrients you need without the weight. There are many weight loss and health products which claim to help, and it can be tricky choosing the right one.

My weight loss Shake Review will hopefully help you by offering the results of shakes which have been tested  for taste and nutritional value and RealDose gets top marks all round, and that’s the honest truth!arrow_curved13

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